Thursday, June 30, 2011

lost dog update

as of last night, the pups i found were no longer listed on the animal control website....which means their owners must have picked them up! YAY!!

wedding set

this wonderful couple contacted a few months ago for their wedding guest book...and then ended up ordering a ton of other things too! i just finished up the whole set over the weekend. here's the final pieces:

the guest book is about 12"x9.5" inches - probably the biggest one i've made! they chose a sturdy belgian binding, giving their guests plenty of room to doodle.

they also purchased a cake cutting utensil set from a local artist in town that does amazing work with polymer clay - and they wanted a box to display the utensils at the wedding.

here's the outside:

and the inside:

they asked me to print recipe cards, which they mailed with their invitations and asked their guests to bring them to the wedding filled out with their favorite recipes. so, i made a box to house their recipe cards and a matching box for their wedding photos:

here's the whole set:

i love how everything turned out! it was such a pleasure to work with them :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

lost (& hopefully found soon) dogs

i had a different post planned for today...but this happened yesterday....

it's been a couple of months since any lost pups have crossed my path...but fate decided yesterday was the day. i had actually stayed at work a few minutes later than normal, which was a good thing. otherwise, i don't think i would have come across these guys.

they were trotting alongside a very busy street and no one was even slowing down. i pulled over ahead of them, popped on my hazards, and got out. my plan was to get a look at their collars & call the number on the tags. the second i was standing next to my car, they ran up and said hi, happily wagging. so i opened the back door and they immediately jumped in and sat down.

i kept thinking "well that was easy." then i noticed they had collars, but no tags. so i called animal control to see if anyone called in for them (nope) and they suggested bringing them to the shelter. they would be scanned for a microchip and cared for until the owners were found.

the one in the front is probably a pit bull and the other is maybe a shepherd mix. both were SO sweet, obviously someone's pets.

this guy practically curled up in my lap

as of this morning, they are still on the animal control's website. i hope their owners find them soon. i think they only have 3 days before they are adopted out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

this week...

check back this week for:

....a beautiful wedding set i finished over the weekend!
....a new project on the horizon equipment in the works
....a birthday gift for my dear friend

and, let's face it, there will probably be puppy pics. because they are so darn cute.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

puppy owiee

thursday afternoon, we took the pups to the park - they ran around like crazy and had a blast! then, as we were walking back up to the car, we noticed vito had blood from is upper pad to his paw. he had a pretty good cut on his leg (not that it slowed him down at all), so we cleaned him up and bandaged his owiee as best we could.

friday afternoon, i checked on him & mia and took one look at his paw and immediately called the vet.

i took him in and they looked his cut, cleaned it and redressed the wound. they gave him a sedative that made him seem drunk so they could really check his cut. and seeing vito that way, SO helpless and sad, just broke my heart. especially since he's such a happy, vibrant pup.

i had to help vito into the car and he laid down the entire ride home - which he's never done is his 2.5 years of being alive. he whimpered quite a bit and barely managed to get up the stairs. i'm pretty sure that trip to the vet was harder on me (emotionally) than it was on him.

thankfully, he's back to normal now. i'm pretty sure he's trying to make up for his afternoon of sleeping because he's become extra crazy vito.

Friday, June 10, 2011

guest book

i just finished a custom guest book for a lovely bride getting married in july. she chose hiking as their wedding theme and wanted a guest book to reflect her & her fiance's love of the alaskan outdoors.

i chose an olive green japanese bookcloth for the spine & bound the book with chocolate waxed linen thread. the birch trees were drawn then emphasized with sewing - this cover certainly took some time! i'm so happy with how the finished book looks. happy wedding to jen & her fiance!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

memorial weekend

i know i'm a bit late on this, but that's okay. hubby, dad & i went for a hike up north over memorial weekend with the pups. the weather was gorgeous and i actually managed to get a sunburn. here's a couple pics of our little outing:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

crazy mia

she is so entertaining....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

phone blog attempt 2

i'm trying out a new photo app & blogging from my phone... let's see if this works!

below are some pics of one of the projects i'm currently working on. i handset some type to print a name plate for a guest book:

ink! thank goodness for my pantone chart...

handset lead type in 16pt century gothic

ta - da!

* it sorta worked. i can't format the posts from my phone, but that's okay. it is a much easier way to get photos uploaded without the hassle of e-mailing, downloading, then uploading...