Thursday, May 26, 2011


i debated on whether or not to post this...

today is the 3rd anniversary of my grandpa's passing. i can't believe 3 years has gone by already. so much has changed in 3 short years. i still miss him dearly and think of him often.

guest book cover

i'm currently working on a guest book for a client. her wedding has a hiking theme and her colors are brown & a light olive green. last night, i focused on the cover. it's a sketch i did of some trees on cream paper. i'm in the process of hand stitching a couple of the trees so that they pop out a bit more:

i've really missed sewing on paper.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

indesign logo

my most recent class is focused on indesign - a program i've never used before. i'm getting the hang of it, slowly. my last assignment was to create a logo for myself or my business. i gave it a try, but i tell you what, creating your own logo is so much harder (for me) than making one for someone else. here's my latest attempt:

what do you think? kinda fun, no? i, of course, incorporated shades of blue into it and tried to make something fun that would look good printed by letterpress.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

wanna win an iPad 2?

ok, so i don't have an iPad 2 to giveaway, however, the lovely erin at design for mankind does!! the contest is offered by MeridaHome. you can enter a few ways...

- leave a comment on erin's post here
- tweet the contest using the link on erin's post for an additional entry
- or post the contest on your own blog for 10 extra entries!!!

it's funny because my hubby has been bugging me about an iPad for ages...maybe i will win it...and then taunt him with it. no, i'm kidding, i would actually give it to him :)

if you don't feel like winning an iPad 2, you should still check out design for mankind. erin posts all kinds of rad stuff and on top of that, she usually writes back when i comment on her posts. which is truly awesome in my book.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wanna help?

on saturday, i received news that my friend's house had caught fire. she lives in condo with a handful of other residents that share the building. all people got out safely, but one kitty didn't make it :( a couple of the units were incinerated and the other were damaged by smoke. go here to read her first blog post about it, and here to read the newspaper article on it.

this wonderful friend is named annie and she's a local jewelry artist & owner of bella boutique. she's freaking awesome. she was the first person to approach me about selling my work in her shop and has had a big impact on my artwork. she's super supportive of local artists and has been a great friend to me.

due to the fire, there are quite a few unexpected expenses that she & the other residents of the building have had to deal with. if you would like to help, here's some options:

1) are you a local resident? drop by bella boutique and drop some dough in the donation jar!

2) you can send a check,
made payable to:

Bella Boutique
2601 Spenard Rd
Anchorage AK 99503
Memo: Fire Donation
(checks will be immediately turned to cash and given to the residents)

3) donate through paypal to

if you can help, please do - even if it's just by spreading the word on your own blog. every little bit will help.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

weekend & moving

how was everyone's weekend? mine was good - hubby & i went to a friend's house for a beer tasting. i found out that i don't like pilsners. ugh. and i tried a new recipe: lasagna cupcakes - mini lasagnas made in a cupcake tin & they were SO GOOD. i also made strawberry brown butter bettys for the first time, which were also delicious. i think i'll just start cooking everything in my cupcake pan.

i cleaned up my studio a bit and worked on a box for a client that is housing their custom made cake cutting set for their wedding. it turned out pretty darn nice. it's drying right now but once it's done i'll take some pictures. i'm also making a guest book & a couple of recipe boxes for them. pretty cool!

with the impending move approaching (which is still months & months away), i can't help but think of how much i will miss everything here. waves of sadness hit me as i try to file away detailed memories of mundane things, like the sights i see on my way to work or the changing of the seasons here in alaska. spring is here and the trees are just now getting ready to shift from fuzzy green on their limbs to a burst of green leaves. i'm not even gone yet & am already getting sad!! what's with that?? while i'm excited about the new possibilities that okinawa holds, i'm still allowing myself to be sad.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

catching up...

is it me or does anyone else get overwhelmed when they don't check up on the blog world for a while and there are literally hundreds of posts in google reader?

lots happened this week -

mother's day was great. hubby & i had my parents over for brunch. we made blueberry pancakes (i actually cooked these - i can do breakfast pretty well), bacon, maple sausage, and these little appetizers that were caprese salads on a stick...SO yummy. i have to say, my fur babies were very well behaved too.

wednesday was hubby's birthday. we went out to eat at a restaurant called ginger, which was SO good. then...we went to BLUE MAN GROUP! i hadn't seen the show before and it was amazing. SO entertaining and creative. interactive and (good) weird. if you ever get a chance to see them, GO!

after the show, i set up a little treasure hunt for hubby's gifts. i hid the gifts with the clues to the next hiding spot all around the house. i even managed to use metallica lyrics in the final clue :) hubby got a pasta machine as his big gift, and i am fully anticipating crazy fresh pasta dinners from here on out.

i have a ton of homework to do and custom art work too...those two things are heavily weighing on my shoulders. i really wish i didn't need to sleep. i'd have so much more time to get things done.

i will try to visit you all in blog world. hope you are well!

p.s. have you heard the new decemberists album "the king is dead"? if not, go listen to it! i've been hooked on a few songs...i can't get enough of them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i know this is a bit late, but i had to share. our easter was a bit different this year - we celebrated at my parents house instead of ours. it was SO nice and the food was amazing. after the meal & visiting, we were heading home and our friends sent us a text & said they found a puppy. so we turned around to see if we could lend a hand.

they had checked the houses around where he was found and no one knew who his owners could be. he had a collar, but no tags and was quite friendly. we estimated he was about 4 - 5 months old, since he was in the process of losing his baby teeth. this puppy had to be about 60 pounds and his paws were huge!

hubby and i volunteered to take him to animal control to see if they could scan him for a microchip. after we arrived, they scanned him and nothing came up. SO disappointing. they gave us a couple of options - we could take him home & foster him, while actively looking for his owners or animal control would hold him for 3 days, then try to adopt him out. we wanted SO badly to take him home & take care of him, along with our other fur babies...but ultimately decided he would be better with animal control.

i checked their website for lost dogs for a couple of days & finally called them to see if he was picked up. they said he wasn't listed in his system so his owners must have taken him home.

i joked with hubby that going to animal control on easter was becoming a tradition...if you don't remember why, read here, here, and here to find out :)

this dog is the fourth lost pup this year that i've come across. i can't believe it. i hope this never happens to my pups....i would be heartbroken. hopefully i've built up some good doggie karma.