Wednesday, July 14, 2010


here's the long awaited invitation post! i actually tried making a photo box to take better pictures in...but that didn't go too well. so i'll try again later. i took pics of the invites on our counter instead (so the pic quality isn't the best), since it's taken so long to get these pics done.

i hand drew the designs and then scanned the drawings and cleaning them up in photoshop. i sent the files to boxcar press and they made photopolymer plates. i letterpress printed the invites in our wedding colors, red & aqua. it was my first time printing with photopolymer plates and am SO happy with the results. printing went so well, inking was even, and colors were vivid. i'm really looking forward to doing more printing this way.

outer enclosure

insert card

reply card

invitation set

hope you enjoyed seeing our wedding invitations!


Brandi said...

Steph, these are fantastic! I love you choice in colors and the hand writing. They're just gorgeous. And your wedding is so soon -- how exciting!!!

Monica Holtsclaw said...

Great invitations! Love the way you drew your names. Looks like the date is coming right up :) Best Wishes!