Wednesday, March 2, 2011

closet? check.

hello! i know i'm a bit late coming back from the weekend...but i did manage to get quite a bit done! i tackled a major project - cleaning out the walk in closet. i cannot believe how much stuff we crammed in there. five bags of clothes & i don't know how many bags of trash's a clean, organized space.

i'm hoping to work my way through our house & get things cleaned up. all of the clutter has really been bothering me, kind of stressing me out. it's hard for me to relax when there are piles of stuff everywhere.

my plan is to check one thing at a time off my cleaning list....even if it's a drawer at a time. splitting the chores into small pieces made the process less intimidating.

i would have shown some before & after pictures, but frankly, it was pretty awful before.

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brand-eye said...

isn't that the best feeling! my husband and i cleaned out our closets a couple weekends ago and had about 8 bags to donate and 2 bags of trash. such a great feeling to be rid of things you don't need! although i still have long way to go with the rest of the closets :-)