Friday, December 24, 2010

morning frustration

so this morning, i get in my car to head to work and look around - there is stuff everywhere. the glove box was open, cubby between the seats open, papers strewn about. i call my hubby and ask if he had gone through my car - i was kinda hoping he'd say yes, but he didn't. frustration washed over me as i looked at the mess.

apparently in the middle of the night, some jerk decided to dig through my belongings. and my car must have been unlocked, even though i'm religious about locking it. i never leave anything out on the seats other than towels for the dogs & an ice scraper.

fortunately, nothing was damaged. no windows busted. pretty sure nothing was stolen - not that i had anything in there to steal.

but i'm upset. pissed. angry even. how dare someone invade my privacy like that? it leaves a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. i think a big part of what's bothering me is the potential for a number of awful situations that could have happened. and that scares me a bit.

it could have been so much worse. thankfully it wasn't. but i still feel unsettled.


Erin said...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like an asshole trying to steal from you. Sigh.

Brandi said...

Oh Steph, I'm so sorry. And at this time of the year too? How awful. At least you didn't have anything in there for him to take -- I know some people have hidden jewelry in car compartments before. Count your blessings, and try and put it behind you.

manD said...

Sorry to hear - I know that feeling of being invaded (like back in high school - my house). Hopefully you didn't have any important documents in your glove box or a garage door opener.

Diana said...

Sorry that happened. I think you are one of the lucky ones to not get the car stolen.

Kate said...

hi stephanie! i stumbled upon your adorable little blog and couldn't help but click the follow button! so looking forward to following your adventures in the months to come! xo, kate