Thursday, December 2, 2010

vito's 2nd birthday!

our puppy is all grown up....vito turned 2 on november 22nd. (as you can see i'm a bit late with this one.) we've noticed so many changes in him as he's gotten older; he's more gentle, calms down faster, a bit more mellow. and he's retained his sweet disposition. i can't imagine what our lives would have been like without him for the last couple of years.

here he is opening a birthday present:

we've been letting the pups have the run of the house for the past few weeks and they've done a great job! none of our things were destroyed & it doesn't look like there was any counter surfing either. then one day, hubby came home to this:

RIP pig

i figure that they were playing with something they were supposed to play with, plus they didn't eat any of the stuffing & it would have happened regardless of whether or not we were home - so it's okay. too bad the piggy didn't last longer though.


Brandi said...

My mother's dogs always pull out the stuffing too, but I'm glad to see Vito had such an exciting birthday! Dogs opening presents are too awesome.

brand-eye said...

bad dogs ;-) our dog is 7 and we still come home to him chewing up things. i don't think he'll ever grow out of it!