Friday, January 14, 2011

so hungry!

i've been doing this workout program (at 5am) for about a week and a half. while it's too early to notice physical appearance changes (i'm not doing it for that reason; it's more to get into better shape), i have noticed that i'm hungry. CONSTANTLY. in fact, i'm eating right now.

in addition to working out, i'm trying to improve what i eat a bit - cutting some of the sweets that i adore and replacing those with more nutritious snacks. hubby found some nut/seed/fruit bars that are surprisingly tasty. and i've been eating cottage cheese & peaches. omg cottage cheese has never tasted so good.

does anyone have some suggestions for quick, healthy snacks? eating baby carrots & celery sticks as a snack doesn't really excite me.


Erin said...

i kinda love a good trail mix after a workout (not that i've had the ambition to work out everyday at 5am! you go!)

and hummus makes everything better, including those boring carrot sticks. :)

Brandi said...

Fresh or dried fruit works well for me. You can also do some homemade granola or protein bars. I'd also recommend you try 4-5 meals a day, something like 400-500 calories a meal. That help keep me from getting too hungry without overeating.