Thursday, January 27, 2011

lost pups

i was on my way back to work after lunch and as i was driving, i saw a couple of dogs trotting along the road. they looked like they were having fun, stopping here & there to sniff stuff. and there was no owner in sight.

since we are owners of two very loved dogs and would be horrified if they went missing, i made the decision to turn around & park on a side street. i got out of my car, wished that i had dog treats with me, and knelt down to say hi to the pups headed my direction. they ran right up to me and gave me a very happy, friendly greeting! they looked well fed & had collars with tags, quite obviously someone's pets.

i called (and called and called) the numbers on their tags, and decided to put them in the car so they wouldn't run out into traffic. after a few minutes, the owner called. apparently the dynamic duo had dug a hole under the fence & snuck out of the yard. their owner gave me directions to the house & i drove them home.

i didn't manage to snap a pic of both dogs, but i did get this one (with a little photoshop improvements):

i believe her name is abby & she is an 11 month old silver lab. she was so sweet. yay for happy endings!


Mom said...

You are a doggie guardian angel!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I'm so glad you stopped to take care of those two. It's people like you Steph that make the world that much better. (That said, I got the package and LOVE it -- thank you SO much. I'll write more soon, after the conference I'm presenting at tomorrow.)

brand-eye said...

how sweet of you! i've never heard of a silver lab, but she is absolutely gorgeous.