Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i know this is a bit late, but i had to share. our easter was a bit different this year - we celebrated at my parents house instead of ours. it was SO nice and the food was amazing. after the meal & visiting, we were heading home and our friends sent us a text & said they found a puppy. so we turned around to see if we could lend a hand.

they had checked the houses around where he was found and no one knew who his owners could be. he had a collar, but no tags and was quite friendly. we estimated he was about 4 - 5 months old, since he was in the process of losing his baby teeth. this puppy had to be about 60 pounds and his paws were huge!

hubby and i volunteered to take him to animal control to see if they could scan him for a microchip. after we arrived, they scanned him and nothing came up. SO disappointing. they gave us a couple of options - we could take him home & foster him, while actively looking for his owners or animal control would hold him for 3 days, then try to adopt him out. we wanted SO badly to take him home & take care of him, along with our other fur babies...but ultimately decided he would be better with animal control.

i checked their website for lost dogs for a couple of days & finally called them to see if he was picked up. they said he wasn't listed in his system so his owners must have taken him home.

i joked with hubby that going to animal control on easter was becoming a tradition...if you don't remember why, read here, here, and here to find out :)

this dog is the fourth lost pup this year that i've come across. i can't believe it. i hope this never happens to my pups....i would be heartbroken. hopefully i've built up some good doggie karma.

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Sometimes, Steph, I think the world may be telling you that you should open an animal shelter. I don't know how you find so many stray and lost dogs, but they're sure lucky you do.