Wednesday, April 7, 2010

weekend storytime

what a weekend! sorry for the lacking of posting...things have been pretty crazy around here. it all started on saturday night....

bfff & i were getting some grocery shopping done at our local fred meyer. we were perusing the easter candy section and out of the blue, this beagle trots up to me and sits down at my feet. so, of course, i kneel down and pet him. the store manager asked if he was ours (umm no) and then starts making shop announcements. poor guy doesn't have tags on, but he does have a harness and little dirty leash. we can tell he's a bit older and very friendly.

the announcements didn't help, so bfff & i decided to take him to animal control (after leaving our info at the store), because that's the first place anyone looks. i called, but of course they were closed. my friend with the spca said that they have an area to drop animals off after hours, where it is warm and they have shelter from the elements. we drove down there and.....the drop off was closed til further notice. hrm. so, "fred" came home with us.

we gave him a bath, since he was quite a smelly dirty mess, fed him, left messages with animal control & posted an ad on craigslist and hung out for the evening. vito was interested with the old guy and wanted to play but a 70 pound husky mix vs. 30 pound old beagle wasn't the greatest match.

stay tuned for exciting conclusion :)


Erin said...

What a handsome boy! I see your heart is as soft as mine when it comes to dogs.

manD said...

oh look, Buddy's family! He is darling.........can't you keep him?!?

Brandi said...

You're just the sweetest, Steph. Golly, I love you. I can't wait to hear what happens with this guy. He's so cute.

stephanie said...

erin - yes, i definitely have a soft spot for you will see soon.

mandy - i thought of buddy when i saw him!

brandi - he was way cute! just so pleasant and friendly. we knew he wasn't a stray because whenever anything rustled in the kitchen, he'd get up and beg. HAHA!