Monday, February 20, 2012

feeling "crabby"

i'll admit it...since the big move, i've been a bit of a hermit. in some ways, i guess i didn't realize how much a move like this would affect me. i'm sure a big part of the emotions i'm working through has to do with crazy pregnancy hormones, but another part is simply that i am an introvert. a home body. i like being at home...and am comfortable talking to my pups and my growing belly.

i haven't exactly been motivated lately either (as you can see by my lack of posting). i've never had the opportunity to relax and be lazy - there's always been school, a job, projects to work on, social calls, and occasionally, sleep. i tried to cram more into each day than time allowed. but, after being on this planet for 30 years, i think it's okay to allow myself some time to digest my feelings.

have you experienced a big move? how did you cope? do you have any tips?


Ana Degenaar said...

I moved to Brazil when my daughter was only 6 months old. It was horrible at the beginning. I found myself needing to speak to friends and skyping seemed so unnatural. I had previously lived in Costa Rica for two years and then I could pretty much catch a plane and see them as often as I wanted or they would come visit but then I was about 34 hours away from home and I couldn't afford to fly there when I wanted.

I also decided to stay locked in, everything about this Country annoyed me, the weather, the food, the people, the lack of a water heater, basically everything under the sun!

I didn't visit home until after 2 years of being away when I went back I started appreciating Brazil so much more. I missed it and that was a good sign. I've been here for 3 years already and it feels like home. Making friends was key.

Apparently they can make life so much better, it makes you feel at home and comfortable with where you are.

I'm sorry that you're feeling like that and that you are having to go through this while you are pregnant. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you. It will get better though and the more you speak about it and let it go the faster it will happen.

Your blog is a great way to vent. Go for it!

Sending lots of hugs your way... Even though I don't know you in person.

Erin said...

My experience is to hermit it up as well. Although I find that after a few weeks of that, it's time to get out and start being friendly. Not necessarily going so far outside my comfort zone I'm asking nice strangers to be my friend, but you know. Making casual conversation with people in the grocery store or on the playground (and that's because I have a kid. I wouldn't recommend being an adult and going to the playground by yourself to make conversation). Then friendships evolve from there. But I'm never in a rush.