Saturday, May 23, 2009

blogs galore

i don't know what it is about blogs but lately i've been really into reading them (hence the resurrection of my blog). i like getting a sneak peek into someone else's world. i've mostly read the blogs of artists & designers - especially those who print letterpress items. and WOW. i have come across some beautiful work. check these sites out: jessica hische, studio on fire, and boxcar press.

i love letterpress. adore it - all of it. the process, the hand setting type, the choosing of colors, the impression left by printing onto super luxurious paper...and then end results are always spectacular.

finally purchased a roller gauge. it's this cool little tool that helps me adjust the rollers on my press to the correct height - instead of me futilely trying to eyeball it. here's an
old pic of me with my press:

i've also noticed something else....there is a site called Design*Sponge that has a ton of great ideas for a number of projects and beautiful pictures. its a great place to visit if you are looking for inspiration. on a number of the blogs i've been perusing, Design*Sponge is mentioned! they are ALL over the place! must be a sign that i need to go check out their page again...

on another note, i was working at my friend's firearms shop yesterday and a photographer dropped by with a photo for me. the photographer had been taking pictures at a few classes and i happened to be taking one of the classes. he gave me this awesome black and white pic of me, all decked out in my gear, looking like a bad ass. it was such a nice surprise!

have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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