Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so i was browsing some letterpress websites today and saw a few that were inspiring:

Thoughtful Day
Pie Bird Press

how amazing would it be to print and work on art as my day job?! i'm sure it seems much more glamorous than it actually is....but maybe not. my current job as a buyer has taught me the business side of things, which i've applied to my teeny tiny business. i've dabbled in accounting, learned to manage an inventory, maintain good vendor relationships, merchandise products effectively, etc. i'd like to think i don't have my head in the clouds as i move towards my goal of becoming a working artist full time (in the far distant future). and from what my artist friends have told me, it certainly isn't a piece of cake. although, from what i've seen, they are much happier and more content - which makes any hardship well worth the effort.

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