Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day hike

my bff and i went on our first hike of the year! we also took our puppy for his first big outing too - it was a relatively easy hike and a good way to introduce him to the wilderness. we went to "the dome"...actually close to it. i could have sworn the last hour on the way up was a 90 degree incline. i realized that i'm not as in shape as i thought! there is a landing that we stopped and had lunch at. ribs and apples and bananas YUM! the weather was extremely cooperative and i tried to get a slight tan. here are some pictures of our outing:

me & puppy

bff & puppy at the creek

puppy making a face at the landing

mmmmmm ribs!

what a view!

our little adventure!

i hope everyone had a great long weekend. it went by entirely too fast. i worked on a little shelf cabinet that i've been revamping and it should be finished up in the next couple of days. i will post pictures of it when it is done!

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