Tuesday, August 25, 2009


this morning my car showed me that it was 49 degrees. ugh. a week ago, i was in 90+ degree weather. so as august slowly comes to a close, the outdoors is transitioning into the season of fall. which means, dreary, drizzly, rainy, cool & crisp weather. since i try to be optimistic, it also means warm sweaters, lots of hot lattes, and craft show season!

i worked on the secret belgian binding over the weekend and am pleased with how the books turned out. the books are 5.75" square - a good size for a bag, not too big for a purse. i'll get a few pictures up soon. i'm also going to work on another smaller size for this binding, partially because i would like the variation and partially due to the fact that i have a ton of paper left over from cutting down the book block that i can't use for my other books. and i hate wasting paper. i'm a paper pack rat. i save so many scraps, its getting a little ridiculous. but i always think "oh i can make something out of this!" and some pretty cool creations have come from it.

i'm also getting some books together for a new store that wants to sell my products! i got back in touch with my 4th grade teacher and learned that she now runs a store in her hometown. she really liked my work and wants to carry some of it in her shop. i'm SO thrilled! plus, it's wonderful to have reconnected with someone who had such a positive influence on me.

more soon :)

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