Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new binding and puppy time

over the weekend, i worked on a new book binding, called the secret belgian binding, to see if it would be something i'd like to incorporate into my ever growing inventory. it apparently was traced back to the 14th - 16th centuries and was lost in time for a few hundred years. it's awesome - a hard back book that opens flat, is decorative and interesting, and is sturdy! i made a mock-up just to see if i liked the binding & if my measurements were accurate, so i'll wait to post pictures until i make some with actual nice looking covers instead of just book board. i'll work on a handful of them this week and show you the results.

my puppy and i have been spending more time together outdoors this past week and it's been a lot of fun. i'm not very comfortable with him being off leash. i'll call him and he'll look at me, process the command, and then go the opposite direction. however, he is getting better and i am gaining confidence in him. all of the alone time is having a positive effect - he is listening to me better. a work in progress.

googly eyes

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manD said...

Vito is a cuties....a great best friend! Hehee!