Thursday, August 27, 2009

new book pictures

here's the promised pictures of the new belgian binding i've been working on. my first batch consisted of 10 books and as of last night, i have 2 left to bind.

i also am working on some simple packaging for my books. the small sleeve is a neutral color, since the books themselves are so bright and colorful. i ordered some japanese masking tape to add to the packaging and i'm really excited about it! if you haven't heard of japanese masking tape, take a look at this site. (it's mostly in japanese.) the tape is made by an 80+ year old japanese company that originally started producing fly paper. by popular customer demand, they created a ton of bright festive colored masking tape from japanese paper. it's a bit transparent and is apparently a favorite among artists. i'm looking forward to receiving my order soon! below is a pic of the current packaging idea. i am planning to put strips of colored tape behind the info sticker to make it pop!

sorry it's a little blurry - it was taken with my phone

thats all for now. if you have any comments or suggestions on the packaging, please feel free to tell me!

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