Monday, May 3, 2010

wedding planning

big, huge strides in the world of wedding planning have been made in the last few days! in addition to nailing down a date, bfff and i have our location for the big day just about figured out (a couple of small things to check on before the final final decision). the invitations are in process...i'm almost ready to send off the files for the first batch of letterpress plates. catering proposal is being figured out...

and the big GIANT news: WE HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! it's official! she booked her flights :)

her name is christine pobke and she's an old friend of mine from college. and she does some seriously killer work. it's absolutely gorgeous. check out her website: pobke photography and be sure to visit her blog - there are a ton of pictures on it. i'm ecstatic to be seeing my dear friend in the near future. she's going to do a fabulous job!!

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Giovanna said...

wow, you are fast! i should have hired you as my wedding planner. it took me months to get that stuff figured out. then again, i waited til the last minute! when's the big day? ps. i went with the letterpress invites! finally posted them on my blog today.