Tuesday, May 11, 2010


between our crazy puppies, wedding planning, work, art, gun classes, and trying to sleep occasionally, things have been nuts around here!

i helped out at a women's defensive gun class over the weekend. saturday was a beautiful day and the sun was bright & warm. the class was good and i was exhausted by the end of the day. its amazing how much energy i use making sure people are being safe. the other coach & i did get to shoot during lunch time for a bit...and that was fun! :)

art news....will post this week!

puppies...our two furry kids are getting along great! mia has finally settled in to life with us and wags her tail a lot more. we have been taking her to puppy class and she is doing quite well. its interesting to watch vito & mia interact...vito seems to be a little more "grown up". sometimes. mia has become VERY attached to vito - something we are a bit concerned about. we don't want her to have separation anxiety. she's so sensitive and intelligent. bfff & i both wonder what happened in her past. here's a couple of pics from my phone (they came out dark, so i tried to brighten them up and now they are washed out. poo.)

vito on patrol & mia taking a break

relaxing for once while i'm getting ready in the morning

wedding planning...coming soon!

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Brandi said...

The two of them are so very cute together! Adopting a pet is so wonderful but it is strange that you don't know their past completely. My mom has two rescue dogs and one of my cats is from a shelter -- they all have little things they do that make us wonder.