Thursday, October 21, 2010

finding clarity

good morning all! yesterday i ran a couple of errands to drop off my new business cards at some of the shops that carry my stuff around town. i had a chance to catch up with annie (owner of bella boutique & jewelry artist extraordinaire). you know how there are certain people you talk to or spend time with & they make you feel better? rejuvenated? positive? well, that's how i felt after talking with annie.

i've suddenly been hit with the stress of the upcoming shows & haven't handled it well for the last couple of days (ask my ever patient husband). and a lot of little annoying things have been building know how that is. for example, i took our dogs to the park yesterday and they weren't listening well. then they saw a dog they've played with many times before....and ended up getting into a spat over a stick. no one was hurt (fortunately) & i got so frustrated trying to wrangle 130 lbs of excited dog (while the other owner was in shock that her dog would get so possessive over a stick...she wasn't very helpful while the incident was happening). it's situations like that, that i've been allowing to ruin my whole day (or week in some instances).

so i decided to make a couple of small adjustments...
1) get up earlier - so i can start my day more relaxed. this is a big one for me since i'm definitely not a morning person.
2) go to bed earlier (duh) - i try to stay up and do as much as possible...but am amazed at how much better i feel when i actually get a decent nights sleep.
3) adjust my attitude - if i stay in the mindset that everything sucks, well, it will. so i'm going to stay focused on what is in my control, try not to let the little things bother me, and keep in mind that i've always succeeded in whatever i've worked hard for (in this case, preparing for shows)

as a daily (constant) attitude reminder, i also bought some bling:

clarity: "clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding, freedom of indistinctness or ambiguity" (from

how do you handle things when you are stressed? any good tips on managing stress?

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Brandi said...

To do lists help me manage stress. I also remind myself that it's okay to take time for me and to adjust my priorities a bit when I am stressed out. I also get to be early (10pm) and wake up early (5am) -- that gives me some good time to start the morning off slowly.