Saturday, October 9, 2010

'puter & stuff

my big evil plan this week was to post a bunch of wedding pictures (we just got them in the mail!!) today...but i also thought my new mac would be here too. unfortunately, it is supposed to be delivered on monday and since the wedding photos are huge files, opening them basically stops my current laptop in its tracks. literally. so i will wait until my mac gets here, since i know it can handle crazy big files.

the paper & plates for the new notecards are on their way, so should have them by next week. i've also been making lots of books and will show you some new paper i just got in!

i haven't decided on what color to print the kitchen cards on...i was thinking of doing one color per design. i also wanted to have a colored background since the designs are simple. here's the color choices i was thinking of using:

left to right: orange fizz, lemon drop, gumdrop green, blu raspberry, grape jelly
(go here to see all of french paper's pop-tone colors)

thoughts? comments?

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