Tuesday, October 26, 2010


got a lot done this weekend - glued lots of book covers and finished cutting all the book board & paper for the rest of the books. also cut down & packaged christine's notecards and mailed her package off this morning! i have 66 books made, 26 books in progress, and another 48 to glue. and one more weekend before the show. eek! i'll get everything done....just gotta keep my nose to the grindstone.

hubby & i also did a bit of decorating for halloween! this is the first year we will be giving out candy. i love that he is so excited about decorating for holidays & starting up festive traditions :) we put up a little trick or treat banner in one window & some lights in another:

you like the sweet ripped up blinds? that was a gift from vito a while back...but it actually makes the halloween stuff look better, don't you think? haha

still haven't decided on costumes yet. we don't want to be those people that dress up their dogs...yet we almost bought a hot dog costume for mia. it was actually pretty funny...but would also last for maybe .2 seconds.

i'm on day 6 of my experiment....and so far so good! starting my day off a bit earlier is having positive results. i'm more relaxed and my attitude seems more optimistic. when i got up this morning, the pups didn't even want to get up...they actually stayed on the bed and snoozed! hopefully i can continue this momentum...


Brandi said...

Starting the day early makes such a difference to me. I'm glad you were so successful this past weekend -- keep it up and I'm sure all will be fine. As for dressing up, I'd say don't stress too much about it. Just try to enjoy the day and the trick-or-treaters' costumes.

Mom said...

Hey, I'm one of those people that dress up their dogs! You're right the window shade is a nice touch for halloween.