Monday, January 28, 2013

Projects, colds, and mom stuff

Haha okay so maybe a post once a week as a goal was stretching it. We have had a lot going on though. My guy went on a trip so I was in charge of everything at home. And right before he left, our little boy caught his first cold....then shared it with us. Ryker handled his cold like a champ. I'm pretty sure he barely noticed it. Although he probably wondered why I was constantly attacking his face with tissue. It got to the point that I would put a tissue from the box and he would start to fuss and wave his little hands in front of his face. Poor guy. After he recovered, I came down with the evil cold virus and it knocked me on my butt. Let me tell you, not being able to take cold meds to relieve some symptoms is miserable! (I couldn't take anything because I'm still breastfeeding. I know, TMI.) I finally am feeling human again, but my hands are cracked from washing them so often and I'm pretty sure I killed a small forest due to my tissue consumption.

I finally feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this motherhood thing. Although, whenever I feel like we've settled into a nice routine, something throws me for a loop. My little man and I have fun during the day and I'm able to cook (sometimes) and clean (occasionally). He's crawling like crazy and is attracted to everything he shouldn't touch. I wonder why we buy him toys since he prefers empty boxes. Today I super baby proofed the living room and blocked off a big section so he could roam freely. It was great! I sat on the couch and started crocheting a blanket and he crawled all over and played with the dogs. Total win! It was much easier to keep an eye on him and not have to get up every three seconds because he was trying to turn on the playstation again.

I realized today that I start a bunch of projects and don't finish them. I get caught up in something else or am busy with life in general. And I don't like it. So I'm going to make a stronger effort to finish things. And when I do, I'll post about them. That way I'll have a record of what I've done over the past year. Plus, I hope you will be inspired too. I already have a couple things I'm close to finishing and look forward to sharing them soon!


Ana Degenaar said...

Motherhood is the best but it's also so hard!

stephanie said...

It really is SO hard. I didn't have any concept of how difficult and wonderful it could be. I still wonder how we made it through the first couple of months.

Erin said...

I'm down. I just cleaned up my craft closet and found a project I started...wait for it...FOUR years ago and have not finished. So.

stephanie said...

Erin don't feel too bad. I haven't printed Ryker's birth announcements. Uh...I think it might be a little late to mail them out. But I'm probably going to print them anyway. When he's 18.