Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lost lake adventure

sorry for the short hiatus - here's what's been happening:

i should be receiving the last sheet of book cloth for the custom project today, so i'll be able to finish that in the next couple of days. will post pictures once it's completely done!

and here's the big story! bfff, puppy, and i went on a hiking/camping adventure over the weekend. we hiked to a place called lost lake. it's about 8 miles in from the primrose parking lot wher
e we started. this was my first overnight trip - anyone who knows me could tell you that my nickname certainly isn't "nature girl". (we won't go into what my nickname is either.) i've never been huge on camping or hiking (adventures on guam is the exception). however, bfff loves it.

here is the start of the trail:
vito and bfff heading down the trail:
we stopped off the beaten path and followed another trail to this incredible view of a waterfall:
we hiked through the trees for quite a while:
as we cleared the tree tops, this was the view we saw:
vito ran back and forth on the trail - he must have ran 3 or 4 times the distance bfff & i traveled. i'm sure he's saying "what is taking you people so long??":
after getting above the tree line, we took a break and ate some lunch:
then back on the trail! vito leading the way:
then getting sidetracked...
our first view of lost lake:
we hiked around a bit to find the perfect spot for our camp. we discovered a great area right next to the aqua water:
tent is set up and we finally get to relax and enjoy alaska's scenery:
puppy FINALLY ran out of energy and fell asleep during dinner:
when the wind died down, we moved into the tent to escape the bug attacks. vito immediately made himself comfortable...on my bed:
cozy in our tent:
in the morning, the lake was so still, we could see the reflection of the mountains. vito went on morning patrol:
one more gorgeous picture of lost lake as we left:
vito is once again waiting for us...
and we are back!

so the hike was a complete success! the weather co-operated...the views were incredible...and we didn't run into any bears (just bear scat). i had so much fun with bfff. and vito was in his element out there! i think this trip will be the first of many.

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Christine said...

looks beauuuuutiful steph!!! :) xoxo