Tuesday, July 7, 2009


alright, i managed to get the homepage of Tama Press up and running! i wanted to make sure the pictures and everything look right and so far so good! however, i have a bunch of work to do. loading pictures and getting everything organized is a big task...and since i'm not terribly good with html, i have to go through piles of code and add some things to it. yuck. but i am excited about the site. i worked last night on the japanese stab binding page, edited down some pictures, and think it's just about done for now (until i make some more books). the pics are small right now - i would like to make it so that someone can click or scroll over it and have the pic enlarge. one step at a time.

the current links work but don't lead anywhere as of yet...except for the blog link. i will get up some "under construction" pages for those in the next couple of days. i would also like to figure out how to make a link open up in a separate tab.

over the weekend, bff & i went to the girdwood forest fair. we bought an awesome red swirly octopus print by katie sevigny - i saw the original at her gallery a month ago. go here to see it (and check out the rest of her work too - it's amazing). i had a chance to talk with her for a few minutes and might have an opportunity *fingers crossed* to have some of my work in one of her galleries. i'm extremely excited about the prospect. i gave her a business card and then thought "i had better get cracking on this website." so that's that.

if there are any comments or feedback about the website (or anything else for that matter), i would love to hear it. thanks for reading and more to come soon...

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manD said...

I love katie's stuff and I love her gallery!