Thursday, July 30, 2009

random catch up

things have been busy (as always) the past week. among work, art, puppy time, house chores, friend time, gun store work, bfff & i have managed to find little bits of time together. being on opposite schedules doesn't help either. it would be nice to have a whole weekend together...maybe when the summer is over.

speaking of which, what happened to the summer?! the last couple of weeks have been rainy/cloudy/drizzly and generally pretty dark. is this the end of the summer? at least it's still warm out. the weather has been somewhat conducive to getting things done around the house though.

the puppy just his is eighth month old mark! i can't believe how big he is. my parents watched him the other day and they said he's definitely calmed down a lot. we went on a walk and he met another puppy. this one was so small still he could have walked underneath vito. it was really cute. they were both wagging and wanting to play. here vito is, helping me with laundry (meaning he rolls around and nabs folded clothes):

yesterday i finished another is a wedding gift for one of my old college roommates who is getting married this weekend. unfortunately i can't make it because a ticket from the arctic is ridiculously priced. i won't post pictures yet because i don't know if my friend reads the blog or not and don't want to spoil the surprise if she does. so once i know for sure that she received the gift, i'll post pics. i must say, it looks darn gorgeous.

other projects...i started a knitting project (since winter is looming right around the corner). i'm making a hooded zip up sweater. i got the pattern from knitty - if you like knitting, check this site out. it's awesome. had to adjust everything based on my swatch of aqua blue yarn. finished the back of the sweater and it actually measures what it is supposed to, for once.

i'm also doing some preparations for my upcoming fall shows: bad girls of the north & crafts weekend at the museum. got some books bound and have been working on a cost sheet so i can come up with a wholesale list & introduce a new line of products. lots and lots of number crunching.

more soon...


manD said...

I know what to get you for xmas....a LARGE lint/dog hair roller!! LOL! I love the hoodie idea! Too bad I only know how to crochet....the basic!

tatsuko said...

ooh nice hoodie - i'm so NOT a knitter. I can crochet hats and small items but run out of patience with wool and yarn...

Vito is so lovely and his name suits him perfectly!

Sounds like you've got lots lined up for the fall - that's great!