Wednesday, July 1, 2009

weekend catch up

the weekend was extremely busy, so i didn't have much time to post anything. i was at a gun class over the weekend, line coaching. for those of you that don't know what line coaching is - basically i watch everyone in the class, make sure they stay safe, and help them adjust or fine tune their shooting skills. we had two days of women's classes and everyone did pretty good! they were overwhelmed with information and learned a ton. the weather co-operated & i even got a slight tan/burn!

bff & i also house/doggie sat for our friends. so lucky vito had a chance to play with his two black lab friends! he also managed to knock the lid off of their dog food container, eat to his little hearts content, and then have an awful upset stomach for the next couple of days!!! what a mess...literally. but he is better now, back to his normal, bitey, playful self.

and here's the update on the custom order - i have the cover almost finished and will be gluing in the book block in the next day or so. it looks GREAT. and i'm already inspired to make a wedding gift for my friend getting married in august.

until next time...

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christine said...

oooh i demand to see pics of this completed project!!! :)