Wednesday, September 2, 2009


this morning, i shipped my first batch of products to a store called Josephine's in wisconsin! i'm so thrilled to add a second store to my list of shops that carry my work. here are some pictures of what i sent:

small japanese stab binding

medium japanese stab binding

large japanese stab binding

secret belgian binding

in addition to the books, i also sent some cards too. i wanted to try out the new packaging with the books - simple, but informative.

the weekend was fairly productive...especially since the puppy decided i needed to be awake at 7:30am on sunday. it turned out to be a good thing - i got a ton of stuff done: packaged and prepared the order for Josephine's, bound books, cut lots of book board for the next batch of books, and worked on some inventory for Bella Boutique.

in case you don't know, Bella Boutique is a great shop here in anchorage, run by two fabulous women - Annie Ciszak and Lena Kilic. check out Bella's website here or go visit them if you are in town. Annie & Lena both are jewelry artists and make some incredible pieces. in fact, i'm wearing one of Lena's today! see:

i drooled over this necklace for quite some time before i bought it

in addition to jewelry, Bella also carries handbags, shirts, belts, hats, and lots of other accessories...and of course, my books!

time to work on some inventory numbers for the upcoming shows in november...i can't believe how quickly the summer went by!

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tatsuko said...

Congratulations! How exciting!!! Everything you sent to the store looks fabulous. And nice that you treated yourself to that necklace - so pretty!

Good luck getting ready for your shows - I've gotta get busy too ;)