Thursday, February 25, 2010

we should have named him "destruct-o"

after last week's episode of vito dismembering our friend's baby/dog gate, i had the urge to try, try again. so i made my way to our local tar-jay (said with a french accent of course) and picked up a new baby gate. something without mesh. something made of plastic & smooth surfaces to avoid attempts at puppy climbing.

bfff arrives home after the first attempt - puppy had a couple of hours alone with a peanut butter filled kong, favorite bone, bed & water....and all is well. we decided to try this alone time again, upping the ante at close to 3 hours. all is well. the next day...bfff beats me home again. and all is....umm, well...see for yourself:

i know this might be difficult to make out (darn phone camera) but these are the blinds that dared to stand in the path of vito's rage (i.e. puppy energy). i should say, what's left of them, that is.

at least the gate stayed up.


Brandi said...

Oh my gosh! Well, he is a puppy after all. Maybe he needs a bit more exercise or some extra chewy toys. My guess really? He misses you.

Giovanna said...

i'm having similar issues with my kitten! oh man, that's pretty funny.

Orion Designs said...

I think you should have named him Houdini.

manD said...

oh my goodness!!!!! I guess I shouldn't complain when Buddy gets into garbage - it's better than the blinds!! EEK!