Saturday, February 26, 2011

it's raining....dogs?

as i was leaving on my lunch break yesterday, i realized i had left my glasses on my desk. awesome. so i went all the way back up to get them. and as i was walking out to my car a second time, i thought, maybe that happened for a reason....maybe i just avoided a car accident or something. weird. anyway....

i was on my way back to work when i saw this black & white little fluffy dog wandering around. after watching it for a few minutes and seeing that she didn't have a person nearby & didn't seem to know where she was going...i pulled over.

she had a collar, but no tag, and let me approach her. i pet her for a few minutes and the poor thing was shivering and lifting her front paws up one at a time, like the ground was too cold to touch. definitely not built for the alaskan winter.

i debated on picking her up, but didn't want to get my face bitten off in case she freaked out so instead, i led her to my car by her collar. she hopped onto the back seat and sat there staring at me. i looked up the number for animal control and starting driving around our little neighborhood.

lucky for me, this guy was cleaning snow off of his car, and i stopped and asked if he knew the dog. and it was his next door neighbors!! thankfully she was home and fluffy was reunited with her owner.

apparently things happen for a reason. good thing i forgot my glasses.

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You and dogs! It's kind of amazing. Everything does happen for a reason. Have a fantastic weekend, Steph!