Saturday, June 27, 2009

college memories

i was looking at my friend's photography blog today (check it out here - she's amazing) and started thinking about the first time we met. i was a senior in high school and she was a freshman in college. i had the wonderfully surprising opportunity to visit a college i was interested in attending (and decided to attend school there due to that visit). christine was the person i was staying with - she showed me around, introduced me to her friends, told me about college life, and was really great. i distinctly remember her dorm room, her roommate, and the sorority she belonged to. the night i was leaving, the sorority was prepping for a dance and i really REALLY wanted to stay for it. and i also remember having a college poster of whitman and seeing the guy on the poster (aka "poster boy") and thinking "OMG that's the guy on my poster!" how dorky is that? what an amazingly fun trip that was.

looking back on my college experience, i do have some regrets. i wish i had been more active, gotten involved in more things (clubs, sorority, sports, etc). i wish i had pledged theta. i wish i was happier and more appreciative of the opportunities i had laid out before me. i wish i had partied more. i wish i didn't have so many long distance relationships in college. if only i knew then what i know now. i am grateful for my experiences and happy to have had all of them, good and bad. the past is the past and it's time to let it future is bright and i'll just have to make sure i don't make the same mistakes.

thank you christine for such great memories. i hope that in the future we can become closer friends, despite our physical distance :)

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christine said...

hiya sweets! i totally know what you mean about college days - i wish i had done things differently! :) i'm so happy that you were my one and only prospy! :) our friendship was meant to be, tee hee. glad we've reconnected to... and nice work with the biz! i love your products. xoxo