Wednesday, October 14, 2009


it is SO foggy today - kind of eery, like mother nature is gearing up for halloween. the fog also reminds me of college. walla walla would get this intense, thick fog. the airport would cancel flights and i remember barely being able to see out my window. it was pretty cool.

i'm chipping away at my inventory numbers - i have 55 books left to make for the bad girls of the north show. i'll also be receiving some more note cards tomorrow (new ones from paper source! i hope they are as good as i imagine!) and will be prepping some linoleum blocks tonight for the new card sets.

in the meantime, i also have a couple of custom orders...some address books, thanks to the first friday show :) and a photo album & box!

seriously, i need to just stop sleeping so i can get stuff done. i really will try to get a couple things up on etsy and will also put more book pictures on the website soon too.

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