Saturday, October 10, 2009

a day in vito's life

so yesterday vito and i hung out. he gets to hang with bff all morning and is usually nice & calm. i think he saves up all of his crazy puppy energy for me. i get home and i hear the "thump thump thump" of his tail, like he's winding up....then he comes racing out of the kennel like a rocket ship blasting off! i get my usual shower of kisses & puppy wiggles then he's off to do his rounds...

he checks out the neighborhood...

then it's time to go get some exercise. we go to his favorite park and burn off some extra energy with lots of sprinting. then it's time to work...we practice commands "sit stay come" and he does GREAT! the best i've seen in quite some time. we've really been working on "come" so he can be off leash. the cheddar dog cookies probably didn't hurt either. then..

we try things off leash in the field...and he was wonderful!

we go visit his bffs bear & gauge for a bit. he got to hang out with them for a few days while we watched the boys and did stuff like this:

even as a tiny puppy, he loved jumping into the tub to investigate

then it was time to go home and work in the studio. he was a little tired.

"i'm tired & pathetic" puppy eyes

then off to bed!

the end.


tatsuko said...

Oh Vito (love that name!), what a face you have... hey, is that YOUR heart shaped tub??? wow.

manD said...

too cute!

stephanie said...

i wish that was my tub!! we are at a friends house in that pic - vito likes tubs.