Thursday, October 22, 2009


since i've started learning how build my website, i've thought "gee i need a logo." well, now that i'm learning to use this online program harvest (for time keeping & invoicing - i'm really happy with it so far), the logo issue has popped up again.

after a few tries, i made something simple, but i like it. and since i don't have much experience doing anything besides cropping & slightly adjusting photos in photoshop, i figured it would be good to stick to something simple. so here it is:
the symbols in the box are japanese hiragana - meaning "tama". tama was my great-grandma's name. i'm working on putting it on my website and will get everything uploaded with the new logo soon.

and i'm hoping after the shows in november, i'll be able to buy the boxcar press base and try out ordering my new logo as a letterpress plate. and then i will proceed to print it on everything.

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