Tuesday, October 27, 2009


lots of good things happened this weekend! to start, i updated the tama press website with the new logo and it looks great! it definitely fits the website better than the last one. and i also updated the custom page with the book & box (and the customers LOVED it!)

i also did a bunch of book making over the weekend and managed to finish 18 books, including 3 that were custom orders from the first friday show. i still have 24 books & 6 boxes to make, 5 linoleum blocks to carve, & about 350 cards (maybe 450 if i'm lucky) to print. and 11 days to get it all done...plus packaging, pricing, and picture taking. but, hey, who's counting? trying not to stress too much...

also managed to get together with some friends over the weekend. we played guitar hero, which i have to admit is a lot of fun, even though i originally thought it was stupid when it first came out - oh, and i love the drums! also went to see a movie - paranormal activity - which was terrifying. the theatre was packed too, so everyone was screaming at the scary parts, which was fun.

ok back to planning and work!

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