Saturday, October 24, 2009

office hankering

with the two big shows coming up, i've been living and breathing art - books, cards, book board, paper, glue (not the kind with the fumes), needles, binding...

and i've been getting these urges to CLEAN and ORGANIZE the house. strong urges. like the ones you go with because you don't know when you'll ever be that motivated to clean something ever again. but i've managed to put them off.

bff and i have been talking about having an organized, usable office - as opposed to the dumping ground for paperwork and randomness for a lot of my stuff. a while back, i found these super cool pictures (it was either on hgtv's site or design sponge - if they are your pictures, let me know & i will gladly give you credit!) i was looking for some inspiration for an office that isn't drab and boring.

it's blue. 'nuff said.

i like the bright colors - although yellow might be a bit much for me. however, the use of wall space as storage (& as a desk) was pretty cool, especially since the room for our office is small.

this one is probably my favorite. i like the little splashes of color, plus the extremely organized wall space. makes me want to go out and buy a ton of office stuff.

bff & i will have to consider a few things - will we use this room as an office for both of us? and how will we make that functional? will we keep the giant (and extremely heavy, cumbersome) desk that his old roommate left behind? or start fresh? do we paint the walls? (i vote yes)

perhaps this will be my project after the shows are over. or maybe i will just catch up on tv & knitting. eh.

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