Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bathroom remodel

bff & i have talked a lot about making a functional office, one that we would actually like working in. we are still flinging ideas around, especially since there hasn't been time to put our ideas into action. (after the art shows are done for the year!) we've also talked about glamming up the bedroom and bathroom.

so where do i go for ideas? design sponge, of course!! here's a super cool bathroom:

(thanks to design sponge for the picture)

of course i don't think it would fly with bff. can you tell i love blue? he's told me a million times "you can't make everything in the house blue!!" which i respond with "why not? there are lots of different shades..."


Sarah Von said...

That blue tile is fantastic!

stephanie said...

thanks sarah (wow yes & yes commented on my blog!) i showed my bff that picture and he said it looks like an aquarium! if only i knew how to tile.....