Saturday, November 21, 2009


so it was pointed out to me that my last entry didn't come off how i had hoped and that i sounded unhappy. well, i'm actually quite happy - for the past year, i've been extremely happy with bff! i've done more things and had more adventures this past year than i have in...well i don't know when.

to clarify one section:
"and i know i can't always be happy, but i could be happier more often." in the past week, i've heard of three deaths. a daughter lost a mom, a mom lost a daughter, and an incredibly creative & sweet man passed away. so, i wrote that i know i can't always be happy, because things like this happen - people pass away before it's their time to go. and it's heartbreaking. knowing people i care about are hurting makes me hurt. so i am going to try to be happier more often, appreciate more little things, not let stress get to me, and even be thankful that i have this stress.

i hope that clarifies that last post. i did not get the "writing" gene (my brother did).


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to vito, happy being the key word here cause he has made you and the other guy happy most of the time ...espcially when he has three toys in his mouth and margaritaville is a state of mind

tatsuko said...

Being happy doesn't mean you're smiling all the time or that you can't have those moments... Happiness is a state; you don't have to explain anything ;)