Wednesday, November 18, 2009

shipping woes

a couple of supply orders that i place after the success of the bad girls show have been held up. unfortunately. i was expecting them to arrive today or tomorrow and as it turns out, one shipped yesterday & the other will be sent today. ugh.

in the meantime, i'm chipping away at the inventory and have 64 books in progress.

i was working in my studio last night and called for my puppy. bff said puppy jumped off the bed and was super anxious when he heard me, like he was worried about me. so i called him again and he came racing downstairs to check on me. i hope that was his protective instinct kicking in. bff said he's never seen puppy like that before.

it is cold car thermometer read 0 degrees. but at least it's clear & sunny!

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tatsuko said...

Keep going, gambatte! I am trying to stay calm, quite the feat ;)