Friday, November 20, 2009

bright eyed

sometimes i wish i was more like my puppy. yes he can be annoying, yes he likes to punch people in the face, yes he tends to do the exact opposite of what you tell him to do. overall though, he's a good dog.

a couple of things that i want to do, just like vito:

- have a perpetually optimistic attitude. nothing gets him down. he's always on the lookout for fun. it doesn't even occur to him that stress exists. he's always happy. and i know i can't always be happy, but i could be happier more often. stress gets to me. or, i should say, i allow it to get to me.

- wake up bright eyed & bushy tailed. i am not a morning person. at all. i slowly wake up after hitting snooze about 18 times, then lay there wishing i didn't have to get out of bed. once i do manage to pull myself out of bed, i plod through the morning. coffee is a necessity. vito on the other hand, wakes up, gives me a few nuzzles & kisses, then it's like "let's get this morning started!!!" i think he takes after his dad in that respect.

a few shots of vitters with his sheep (which lasted a whole 5 minutes):

posing for the camera

more later...

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