Tuesday, November 17, 2009

friday the 13th weekend

what a week(end)! i think i had some bad karma or bad luck this past week. to start, my credit card had some mystery charge on it, so i followed up and cancelled it and ordered a new card (that isn't here yet). the good news? i got my money back the next day! i also received some announcements for the upcoming museum show, and it listed that i make paper/jewelry. jewelry? really? but not that big of a deal - i'll just adjust it before i send them out. got stuck in an hour & a half's worth of traffic on my way to my part-time job...and everyone knows it takes about 20 minutes to get pretty much anywhere in anchorage. i came down with a nasty sore throat & fever late friday night & saturday (right when i had gotten rid of that nagging cough!), which prompted a trip to the doctor. but i am feeling better now, thank goodness. oh, and i slipped and fell on the driveway this morning. at least it was dark out so no one saw me! haha. alright, that was a good amount of venting. and after looking back over it all, it really wasn't that bad. on to better things...

printed some more ornament cards over the weekend. and printing went SO smooth. it was one of those dream printing days where everything goes right, the prints turn out wonderful, and life is good. here's a couple of pictures from that:

block 1 printed of ornament cards!

sweet ink slab

i also worked on lots of books and things are coming along. still have a ton of work to do, but i'm making progress. puppy kept me company in the studio. it's like he couldn't get close enough. he started sleeping by the door, then in the closet, then under the table on my feet. he's so cute. bff and i bought him a couple of new toys - a rubber bone and a sheep. he managed to destroy them in about 2.5 seconds.

guardian of the studio

and my luck is changing....good news to come tomorrow!

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manD said...

Glad he doesn't eat paper and just dog toys!! :-)