Friday, January 8, 2010

eye trauma

this morning i'm sitting at my desk, writing some info in my new little planner and all of a sudden, i have a hard time focusing. things are a little blurry so i look up at something in the distance. and then i notice these weird wavy lines - not in my direct line of sight & not in my peripheral, just somewhere in between. it was almost like looking through broken glass or moving water.

i thought it would go away...and then it didn't. so i'm checking to see if it's just one eye, but it's both eyes that have the weird wavy lines. finally, 20 minutes later, they disappear. so i hop on google & webmd to see if this is something common or horrifically abnormal. the only symptoms i could find that were close to what i experienced were for one's retina detaching. and everything else i read said if you have any strange changes in vision, even if they are temporary, get it checked out!!

so i called and made a doctor's appointment, all the while i'm freaking out thinking of images of eyeballs coming apart.

as it turns out, i had an "ocular migraine" which is basically the aura that some people get before a migraine, but with no migraine following it. and it's pretty common. no known causes or ways to prevent it either. but it's good i got it checked out. plus i have a new prescription so i can finally get some sweet prescription sunglasses. how about these:

thanks to revision eyewear for the pic - go here to check out the details.

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