Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wildlife visit

i ran home today to check on vito and we went through our usual routine...i said hi puppy! and he comes out with a big s-t-r-e-t-c-h, a good strong tail way, and a little hello kiss. we tromp downstairs and i let him outside to do his business. but instead of trotting out like normal, he just stands on the porch with his nose up in the air, sniffing away. i figured a cat had been through the yard & that's what he was smelling. after he hopped off the porch, did his business, he sees something around the corner and stops. then his ears go up, his posture changes, and the little silver streaked section on his tail puffs out...and then the big boy bark! i hurry & get him inside to see what the heck he's looking at.

we race upstairs and i struggle to open the window, since it's been nearly frozen shut. all i can see is a brownish blob. and it's pretty big. finally got the window open and i look down to see a moose laying between our house and the fence. just chillin'.

he (or she?) eventually got up and lumbered over to our backyard, did his business too (lucky bfff - he's the picker-upper), and posed for the camera a few times.

for the rest of lunch, vito & i followed the moose, window by window, until he found a nice little tree to snack on.

what an exciting lunch for the puppy! just another day of life in alaska.


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Orion Designs said...

You got some great photos. I've been seeing lots of tracks all over my neighborhood, but I have yet to see a moose this winter.

Brandi said...

This is certainly something I've never seen before! How wonderful!