Friday, January 22, 2010

paper cutter awesomeness

i finally ordered a super cool stack paper cutter. i have a guillotine cutter that is super awesome too - i heart my kutrimmer. however, i wanted to get something else that will cut stacks of paper, specifically for the insides of my books and possibly some stacks of book board. that would save me SO much time, plus be a bit more accurate since there isn't a curve in the cutting blade. it'll be mailed out tomorrow and take about 12 days to get here...i can't wait!

here's a pic of the 50 pound beast:

photo credit

my work is doing well at artique (the most recent gallery to carry my art) and i'm thrilled that they already asked for additional merchandise! bella also wants to try some new products too. and on top of that, i have a handful of custom orders and some more on the horizon! hooray!


manD said...

FANCY cutter!! My $63 cutter is already crapping out...says it doesn't need to be sharpened but now it makes a jagged edge on my scrapbook paper! ARG!!

Brandi said...

This is very cool. Can't wait to see more.

For some reason, I feel like I should refer you to my friend Liz's blog:
I think you might like it.