Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the slow readers book club

i didn't make any resolutions this year...however, i am interested in reaching a few little goals. i'm currently working on a list of things i would like to do (i LOVE lists) and one goals is to read more. read real books. for fun. i used to read all the time as a kid. i guess i stopped around the beginning of college - at that point, all of the reading i could handle was in textbooks & articles & homework.

in an effort to help reach this little goal, and to open up my reading list, i am joining "the slow readers book club".

i've never been involved with a book fact, hearing "book club" invoked images of high tea, snooty people, and expensive personal home libraries (i have no idea why those images came to mind). this club is different - very low key and WAY more interesting & fun. i'm looking forward to reading for fun & reading something i normally wouldn't have picked up on my own accord.

the first book we are reading is:
Jeannette Walls' Half Broke Horses to be read by March 4th. there will be a review posted along with some discussion of the book on the email list. if you are interested in joining, go here for more information.


Jaeve + Things said...

Reading is good for you! :)Whether you read slow or fast, doesn't matter. Just as long as your reading. Enjoy!

stephanie said...

thanks so much for stopping by :)

JMay said...

That's awesome, I've heard a lot of people are joining.

Have fun :-)

Anonymous said...

do they have a group for slow blog poster's