Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

this is my 100th post (WOW!)

so last night, my friend & i finished up the first part of the big surprise project. and i am very pleased with the results :) i can't wait to post some pictures! part two will be in the works today & tomorrow.

what are your plans for new years eve? i'll be going to a nice fancy dinner with friends and plan to get all dressed up. i'm debating on wearing this killer pair of heels i got for christmas:
Add Imagemy quest for aqua blue high heels has finally come to an end.

i think i'm going to need a latte - i'm tired. i used to head out to party at midnight, and now...i'm lucky if i can stay awake that long!

vito says have a happy & safe new years eve!


Brandi said...

L-O-V-E the shoes.
Totally my taste. So glad they're yours too.
{I just put you in my Google Reader, can't help it!!}

brand-eye said...

The shoes are absolutely fab and so is Vito!

stephanie said...

thanks brandi & brandi! :)