Tuesday, June 23, 2009


so the past few days i've taken a break from working on the website, to do other fun and exciting things like: dishes! laundry! work! ok, seriously, i actually did do some fun stuff: watched a movie (changeling - weird and somewhat depressing), went to a bar-b-q (vito was the star), and made apple pie from scratch for my dad. overall, a pleasant and mellow weekend.

so i'm sitting in my office today, on the phone with my dad, and all of a sudden the entire building shakes with a good strong jolt...then keeps moving...and keeps moving...then another JOLT! and more moving....more moving....and it finally calms down. eek. i was starting to debate whether or not i needed to get the hell out of dodge. my source revealed that we had an earthquake that registered 5.4 - pretty good size. and it felt like an eternity. that's one thing about living in alaska - earthquakes. and bears. and winter for 90% of the year. not that i'm complaining because i love it here - there are mountains (real mountains, not little puny hills like in other places i've been), incredible scenery (which i will see first hand on my first overnighter hike in a couple weeks), interesting people (like my family & friends), and my bfff (yes that's 3 f's) and my puppy. oh yea, and no giant spiders. (and if you'd seen one, i don't want to know about it).

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