Wednesday, June 24, 2009

impatiently waiting

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i'm going to be doing a custom order for someone. she requested a photo album for her wedding pictures (which were gorgeous - i got to see some of them). we had a meeting in my (clean) studio and picked out this fantastic gold japanese bookcloth, japanese paper with light teal/green parasols outlined in gold, and a warm brown ribbon. i also suggested a custom made monogrammed box for her album. its going to be a beautiful set and i can't wait to start working on it....

however, i have to wait since my supplies aren't here yet! why does it take 5 years to get anything shipped up to alaska? and for that matter, why does it cost a horrendous amount of moolah? okay, rant over.

i'll post some photos of another custom project i did for my dad a little later - i hand bound his thesis and made a box for it. turned out amazing.

custom orders are one of my favorite things to do - they are fun, interesting, and challenging. i don't get the opportunity to do them very often (which is my own doing, as i haven't advertised). so, just in case anyone reading this is in need of some handmade functional art pieces, here is what i make: books & photo albums (with matching boxes if desired), letterpress printed (and linoleum block printed) invitations, business cards, and art prints...i've also designed logos for t-shirts and cd covers and few other things. want something made? e-mail me!

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