Thursday, June 11, 2009

website work

so during the past week or so, i've been working on the tama press website. i haven't actually changed anything on the site as of yet, but i am creating the new pieces and parts in photoshop and dreamweaver. i've been drawing things out by hand to get a better idea of what i want rather than trying to create them in the program itself. working (fumbling) with photoshop isn't too bad with my extremely basic knowledge of the program (and help book on standby). dreamweaver and i aren't on friendly terms right now. things basically go like this: i open the program, try to make something, get pissed off, and go do something the span of 5 minutes. hence the reason i've sketching out the design format by hand...then all i have to do is replicate it, rather than design & execute at the same time.

this site is where i've gleaning some inspiration for my new site: hello lucky

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