Saturday, June 6, 2009

motivation - where are you?

so last night i was going to get a bunch of stuff done. finish up the laundry, clean the bathroom, do dishes, finish going through clothes in the closet, walk the crazy puppy, etc....and i did hardly anything. i took puppy for a walk because otherwise he would be an absolute terror (a cute one though). i half-assed did laundry. and then i watched recorded episodes of NCIS (love the italian guy - go figure) and grey's anatomy. bff is on a weird schedule so i haven't gotten to see him much.

oh i did do one thing (kinda). i worked on the new tama press website. since i'm still learning how to use the programs, it gets extremely frustrating, extremely fast. i think i might just draw things out by hand and then try to replicate it on my laptop. i'm getting stuck on creating and executing my ideas at the same time.

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